Semiform AI - New AI Bot for Customer Support - New AI Bot for Customer Support

Transforms traditional forms into interactive conversations, enabling users to provide responses in natural language.

Respondents can use Semiform to type their answers in natural language rather than filling out complex forms. You get more responses and happier customers.

Semiform parses your users' natural language responses into structured data using an AI agent. If necessary, it can even ask follow-up questions.

Users can use Semiform to fill out forms directly in their inbox, without having to click a link.

Customized query results

Inquire intelligently about your results, such as "How many of each T-shirt size were requested?"

Customer Verification

Semiform can also aid in tasks such as customer validation forms. Please enter your company name and some details about how you think you'd use Semiform if you're interested in an enterprise version.

Event Planning

Semiform can assist with event scheduling. Fill in a fictitious name and your availability for book club this week to see how Semiform tags it.

Site Feedback Here's an example of a simple feedback form. Semiform will tag your response with the feedback category, sentiment, and, if possible, an estimate of Net Promoter Score. Share your thoughts on Semiform in the comments section to see how it works.

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