The F1 race in Emilia Romagna this weekend has been canceled.


The cancellation of the Emilia Romagna GP has had a profound impact on the teams, drivers, and fans involved in Formula 1. Teams had meticulously prepared for the race, investing

In a disappointing turn of events, Formula One has made the difficult decision to cancel the next event of the 2023 season: the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix at Imola in Italy. The race has been called off due to the devastating impact of extreme flooding in the region. This decision, although disheartening for fans, has been made with utmost consideration for the safety and well-being of everyone involved.


The Emilia Romagna Grand Prix, scheduled to take place at the renowned Imola circuit, has become the latest victim of unforeseen circumstances. Formula One, in a statement released during lunchtime, acknowledged the gravity of the situation and expressed their concern for the affected towns and cities in the region.

Reasons for the Cancellation

The cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix stems from the primary concern for the safety of fans, teams, and personnel involved in the event. With extreme flooding wreaking havoc in the region, holding the race would have posed significant risks and placed additional burden on the already strained local authorities and emergency services.

Formula One, in their statement, emphasized that canceling the event was not only the responsible thing to do but also a means of supporting the towns and cities struggling with the aftermath of the devastating flooding. It was crucial to prioritize the recovery efforts and avoid further strain on the region's resources.

F1 Boss Stefano Domenicali's Response

The cancellation of the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix holds a particularly poignant significance for Formula One boss Stefano Domenicali. Having grown up in the town and region affected by the flooding, Domenicali expressed his heartfelt sorrow for the victims and communities impacted by the disaster. His thoughts and prayers are with those who have suffered as a result of the flooding.

Stefano Domenicali's personal connection to the region makes the situation even more tragic for him, adding an emotional dimension to the cancellation. The impact of the flooding hits close to home, further emphasizing the need for compassion and support during these challenging times.

Growing Calls for Cancellation

In the days leading up to the decision, there had been mounting pressure on Formula One to cancel the Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. The outcry came from various sources, including passionate fans, concerned analysts, and Italian politicians. The main driver behind these calls was the extreme weather conditions that had gripped the region, resulting in heavy rain, major flooding, and tragically, several fatalities.

Recognizing the severity of the situation, Formula One

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