Lionel Scaloni Wins FIFA The Best Coach Awards


Lionel Scaloni Wins FIFA Best Coach Awards

Scaloni is only 44 years old. And as a manager, he has a World Cup victory! Fairly speaking, hats off. His face is lit up with a smile. His wife Elisa Montero and their two sons, Ian and Noah, are dressed to the nines and proudly watch. The men's World Cup was won by him, or most likely by his team. Of course he wins best coach.

The Argentine national football team's current head coach, Lionel Scaloni, has been chosen the recipient of the esteemed FIFA The Best Coach Award. Scaloni received the honor, which honors the best coaching efforts of the calendar year.

The Best Fifa Men’s Coach. Nominees:

 Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid)

 Pep Guardiola (Manchester City)

 Lionel Scaloni (Argentina)

Extra: Scaloni's coaching style has been praised for his ability to bring out the best in his players, especially in the way he managed the team's star player, Lionel Messi. Despite the pressure that comes with managing one of the world's most talented players, Scaloni was able to create a cohesive team that worked well together.


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