A PSV fan punches Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrović, who is immediately taken down by him.

 On Thursday, during a Europa League match between PSV and Sevilla, a supporter of the Dutch team ran

 onto the field and physically attacked Sevilla's goalkeeper, Marko Dmitrović. The incident occurred as

 Sevilla was about to eliminate PSV, who won the match 2-0 but lost 3-2 on aggregate after losing the

 previous leg 3-0. The fan approached Dmitrović and struck him in the face once, but the Serbian

 goalkeeper swiftly brought him down. Although the fan resisted while Dmitrović held him down, he was eventually overpowered and removed from the field.

According to The Associated Press, Dmitrović was playing in the match only because the usual

starter, Yassine Bounou, fell ill before the game. Despite the incident, Dmitrović continued

playing and managed to secure a victory, advancing to the Round of 16. Although video footage

from a distance provided some insight into what happened, select photos from the AP truly

conveyed the emotions of the moment.

a fan of the Dutch side running onto the field and attacking Sevilla goalkeeper Marko Dmitrović.

Following the match, Dmitrović downplayed the impact of the fan's punch but emphasized the

need for punishment for anyone who engages in similar behavior. Speaking in Spanish, he

recounted the incident, stating that the fan pushed him from behind, tried to hit him, and

brushed his nose slightly. He admitted feeling the urge to retaliate but acknowledged that

such actions have no place in football. He lamented the fact that drunk and angry fans

sometimes assault players but stressed that such behavior should not be tolerated. He

expressed the hope that the perpetrator would face the same punishment as anyone else who

invades the pitch. It's difficult to understand the mindset of people who trespass onto the field and attack

professional athletes. This particular incident turned out even worse than usual for the PSV fan.


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